Your Body’s Most Powerful Antioxidant and Detoxifier BY FRANK LIPMAN TIME JUNE 14, 2022 Glutathione is your body’s most powerful antioxidant and detoxifying agent, and it’s also something of a well-kept secret. Outside the wellness community, few people have even heard of it, but it’s now time to lift the curtain on this life-saving molecule that delivers incredible […]

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Lower Heart Disease

Eating More of This Food May Lower Heart Disease Risk, New Study Suggests BY PATRICK TIMS TIME JUNE 25, 2022  There are plenty of ways to reduce your risk of heart disease, including diet and exercise.  In fact, surprising to many people, eating fat-rich avocados can actually help to reduce the risk of heart disease.  Avocados

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Liver Detoxification

4 Ways to Boost Your Liver’s Detoxification Function BY HEALTH 1+1 TIME JUNE 15, 2022 The liver is an important detoxification organ of the human body. When there is a problem with the liver’s detoxification function, people get tired easily, feel nauseous, and even have memory loss. There are four beneficial habits that can be cultivated

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Body-Brain Medicine

The Vagus Nerve: A New Frontier of Brain-Body Medicine Research into the vagus nerve is revealing why traditional approaches to well-being were so effective. BY AMY DENNEY TIME JUNE 9, 2022 To access the benefits of body-brain medicine, you may want to familiarize yourself with the vagus nerve, which is a two-way communication system between the

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Bone Health

5 Herbs for Bone Health BY CONAN MILNER TIME MAY 29, 2022The key to understanding bone health is understanding minerals. The primary mineral in your skeleton is calcium, but bones do not live on calcium alone. Drop a piece of chalk (calcium carbonate) and it will easily shatter. No one wants an all-calcium skeleton. Although calcium

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Protein Is an Essential Macronutrient, Especially as We Age BY STEPHEN SOWULEWSKI TIME MAY 26, 2022  The headlines behind the macronutrient needs of the body (also called “macros”), which make up carbohydrate, fat, and protein, have been either glorified or demonized over the years. In the 1990s, fat was supposedly the undisputed culprit for heart disease,

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How Neurotransmitters Can Affect Your Health NEUROLOGICAL HEALTH Problems with your brain’s chemical messengers can leave you confused, stressed, sad, and more. BY ASHLEY TURNER TIME MAY 14, 2022 Brain function and thought patterns are intimately related to neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers that carry signals between neurons, or nerve cells, and other cells within the body. Neurotransmitters

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Infrared Light Therapy

The Surprising Science of Infrared Light Therapy Thousands of studies are documenting a powerful cellular reaction with widespread therapeutic effects BY JEFF PERKIN TIME MAY 16, 2022  Prior to the use of electricity, human beings had an exclusively natural relationship to light. Our options were limited to the sun, a fire, or candlelight; all of which

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Hair Loss

6 Common Causes of Hair Loss and 7 Nutrients You Need BY HEALTH 1+1 TIME MAY 16, 2022 Hair loss is a common problem for many people. What causes hair loss on top of the head? What are the essential nutrients for healthy hair growth? A person’s health is reflected in their hair. The causes of

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