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Can a Health Coach Help You Achieve Your Health Goals? Personalized support can help people make difficult lifestyle changes that are the key to healthFEATURED WELLNESS        Zrinka Peters Jan 14 2023 Health coaches offer a personalized service that can help you identify unhealthy habits and help you adopt healthy ones. (Benjamin Chasteen/Epoch Times) With the start of […]

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The Body

Exploring the Body’s Self-Healing Super Power A biomedical revolution throws previous medical research into question as it opens new doors to wellness. Conan Milner May 7 2020 Ji talks about the “immortal thread within our stem cells” to describe the body’s amazing regenerative ability. What causes disease? What can we do to improve our health? Modern medicine’s

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The Link Between Nightshades and Chronic Pain & Inflammation BY Elisha McFarland TIME February 15, 2022 Few people are familiar with the term nightshades, and many will be surprised to learn that consuming foods from this plant group may be contributing to their pain and inflammation, and are an integral part of the 21-Day Cleanse. Nightshades belong to

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