Kavinace OS

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Kavinace OS by NeuroScience Inc. targets the cellular consequences of sleeplessness to improve both sleep onset and efficiency.


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Kavinace OS

The Science

Kavinace OS by NeuroScience Inc. targets the cellular consequences of sleeplessness with a formulation proven to significantly improve both sleep onset and efficiency after the first dose. „The nervous system works with the immune system to regulate the sleep-wake cycle and the immune response. 

During daytime activity, the immune system generates free radicals and depletes antioxidantsDuring bedtime hours, accumulated free radicals can stimulate the immune system with the adaptive immune system at its most active. Poor sleep has been shown to increase oxidative stress markers, perpetuating the Immune-Sleep Cycle 



  • Glutamate


  • Melatonin

One night of poor sleep changes cellular metabolic function 

Metabolic changes worsen the Immune-Sleep Cycle, perpetuating more sleepless nights. 

  • Decreased antioxidant capacity increases susceptibility to negative effects of free radicals and oxidative stress.
  • Oxidative stress modulates immune regulators like Nf-kB.
  • Wake promoting substances (hormones and neurotransmitters) respond to immune activation and further disrupt sleep.

The uniquely formulated blend of Kavinace OS comprehensively intervenes at every portion of the Immune-Sleep Cycle.

Researched ingredient blend, proven results 

Study participants were prescreened for poor sleep (PSQI), received one serving of Kavinace OS at bedtime for seven days, and submitted a daily sleep diary. 

  • „Fall asleep quickly! Extremely significant reductions in sleep latency were reported after the first dose, with ongoing improvement through day four. 
  • „Sleep better! Significant improvement in sleep efficiency, or total sleep time relative to time in bed, was reported after one dose. 

This product provides quick relief from sleeplessness at the symptom and cellular level. 


Amino Acid:

  • L-theanine


  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Zinc


  • Astaxanthin
  • Melatonin
  • Resveratrol

14 capsule blister pack, 60 capsules


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1 review for Kavinace OS

  1. Wesley

    Though I don’t typically believe in 5 star ratings, these products certainly deserve at least 4.5 stars! I have personally used them for over 12 years and absolutely love them! HPA axis Neuro/Endo testing has become a mainstay in establishing baseline neurotransmitter and hormone values while enabling our health coaches to implement neurotransmitter modulation protocols for all of our clients. I highly recommend taking your health and wellness to the next level while incorporating testing into your program.

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