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Digest DTX by NeuroScience Inc. breaks the toxin-induced immune cycle through improved digestion, detox and balanced immune function.

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Digest DTX

The Science

Digest DTX by NeuroScience Inc. is formulated with digestive enzymes and botanicals to break the toxin-induced immune cycle through improved digestion, aided detoxification, and balanced immune function.

The brain receives neurotransmitters synthesized in the gut and promotes gut health through motility, immune health, and tight junction function. The enteric nervous system contains 5x as many neurons as the spinal cord and helps relay messages from the brain to the gut. Proper gut health promotes balanced immune function, healthy neurotransmitter production, and improved digestion. 

Food antigens and the immune system

Undigested food antigens can travel across a weakened epithelial barrier to trigger the immune response. 

  • Factors such as stress, immune activity, poor diet, and microbial imbalance can cause tight junctions to fluctuate.
  • Loosened tight junctions perpetuate antigens crossing into the blood stream, triggering an immune response.

A continually up-regulated immune response can further disrupt the epithelial barrier.

  • „TNF-α has been shown to regulate the epithelial barrier in a human intestinal cell line.
  • Turmeric and apple cider vinegar can work to regulate TNF-α and modulate the immune response.

Digest DTX helps break the toxin-induced immune cycle by providing ingredients to digest food antigens, reduce the immune response, and improve detoxification.

Enzymes and proper pH 

Each enzyme in Digest DTX is specifically selected to help break down the main food antigens in their optimal pH value along the digestive tract. 

  • „An enzyme should survive the acidic conditions of the stomach to reach the target destination. 
  • „Additionally, an enzyme should still function effectively at the pH of the digestion site. 

This product provides the appropriate blend of enzymes and ingredients to properly digest food antigens and reduce the immune response. 



  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cilantro leaf
  • Turmeric


  • Digestive enzymes


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1 review for Digest DTX

  1. Wesley

    Though I don’t typically believe in 5 star ratings, these products certainly deserve at least 4.5 stars! I have personally used them for over 12 years and absolutely love them! HPA axis Neuro/Endo testing has become a mainstay in establishing baseline neurotransmitter and hormone values while enabling our health coaches to implement neurotransmitter modulation protocols for all of our clients. I highly recommend taking your health and wellness to the next level while incorporating testing into your program.

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