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Healthy teeth are one of the first things that someone notices when you smile, talk, and eat. Maintaining your dental health is also important to living a healthy life.

Fortunately, there are tasty and healthy foods that can help you keep a sparkling set of teeth. You might even notice your teeth getting whiter and brighter after welcoming these food items in your life.

1. Cheese

If you are the one who orders food with extra cheese, you are already on the right track. Cheese has calcium to strengthen your teeth. Also, it has a milk protein called casein which can help to control the loss of minerals from tooth enamel. Eating cheese also increases you pH which lowers the risks of tooth decay.  If you avoid cheese, no worries, we have other non-dairy solutions for you.

2. Yogurt

Yogurt with no added sugar is another one of the best foods, not just to increase the strength of your teeth but also for your gums. Not all bacteria are bad, and yogurt contains bacteria which may reduce the chances of cavities. It helps to protect your teeth enamel with its significant amounts of calcium, casein, and phosphorus. Make sure you choose no sugar yogurt or add a bit of fresh fruit to plain yogurt. There are also many cultured non-dairy yogurts available.

3. Leafy Greens

Broccoli, spinach, kale, and other leafy green vegetables are great. They have a lot of minerals, fiber, and calcium—which is often more absorbable than the calcium in dairy. They’re also low in calories. A great way to whiten your teeth at home—and improve your overall health—is just by adding one of these to your daily diet.

4. Kiwifruit

Kiwis contain a lot of nutrients and few calories. They have a lot of calcium and protein, which help strengthen your teeth. Those minerals, and kiwi’s high fiber content, are great for saliva and can reduce acid harmful to teeth. Did you know you can eat the skin of a kiwi, too? That makes it even more nutrient-dense.

5. Avocado

Avocado has vitamin C, Vitamin B5, potassium, and prebiotic fiber. This nutritious fruit is a must for your oral health. It contains many vitamins and proteins that benefit tooth enamel and strengthen your teeth. Avocado can help you avoid damage from acidic foods and cavities and is great for your overall health and digestion.

6. Carrots

That nice sound you hear while taking a bite of a carrot is fiber. Fiber helps you increase saliva and flush bacteria from your mouth. Also, carrots have vitamin A, which is great for your teeth and helps whiten them.

7. Celery

Just like the carrots, celery has fiber and water content. They help produce saliva to wash away bacteria while massaging your gums as you chew. Carrots and celery also have nutrients to strengthen your eyes, liver, and teeth.

8. Almonds

Just like the leafy green vegetables, almonds have a large amount of calcium and protein. These nuts are full of antioxidants and vitamin E, which help you strengthen your teeth. Almonds also keep your cells strong and may slow down the process of aging because of their vitamin E content.

9. Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away—and also the dentist. If you love apples, you just found another reason to eat them. Apples also have lots of fiber and water content, and their crunchy bite strengthens your gums.

Eat more of these foods to give your teeth the nutrients, fiber, and chew that can keep them healthy. And make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and your mouth moist.

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